The Organizers

Jethro Cuenca Patalinghug

Jethro is an indie filmmaker who spearheaded the I AM NOT IMMORAL viral campaign which was launched on the web. Click here to view the I Am Not Immoral viral campaign.

What pushed him to advocate for the fight against HIV and AIDS is a very personal experience. He has lived with HIV-positive individuals before, and has seen the emotional struggle that they can go through on a daily basis. He has lost friends to AIDS-related complications, and currently has a friend who has chosen to deal with being HIV-positive by going into isolation.

The problem that HIV and AIDS poses is real to him, but instead of becoming indifferent, he realized his potential to help and chosen to act upon it. Thus the “TAKE THE TEST” campaign.

Eric Bordeos

Eric is a writer, as well as a logistics manager for a training consultancy firm. Diagnosed HIV-positive 2008, he has since been actively blogging about living with HIV. Click here to view his blog. He has been instrumental in getting hundreds of clients tested through the Manila Social Hygiene Clinic.

Together with another HIV-positive blogger, BackInTheCloset, they managed to source out milk, diapers, food and toiletries for a 1-year old HIV-positive baby who was confined at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine or RITM in Alabang, by tapping the online community. All donations accepted were in kind, in order to avoid any controversies involved in accepting cash donations.

Eric has worked with the Power of You project of UNICEF and DepEd, where he told his life story in front of student leaders, teachers and principals and teachers from the pilot schools from across the Philippines, as part of the program’s awareness and stigma reduction components.

Eric’s book entitled “The Chronicles of E”, which is based on his online blog, is scheduled to be launched in May of this year.


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