The Gameplan

Aside from providing HIV testing and making it accessible, TAKE THE TEST campaign is geared towards introducing a fresh perspective in spreading education and promoting awareness about HIV & AIDS. The project aims to tap unconventional methods of educating, through ways different from existing HIV & AIDS programs in the country. It will be direct and appealing.

The project will tap TV networks and bring in the support of celebrities (e.g. from the fields of show business, sports, politics, art and performance) who will bear and push forward the message of the campaign. It will also exploit hip multi-media platforms and events.

An informative video campaign will be produced and spread virally through popular blogs and websites.

A website will be set up that will serve as an online HIV & AIDS resource catering to Filipino youth. It will contain all the information that they need with regards to HIV & AIDS, such as where to get tested, who to talk with, and which places or institutions to go to medical attention. It will also be extensively interactive through forums and blogging.

The project will re-enforce positive campaign phrases such as…

“Let’s take the test together”

“It is the right time to take the test”

“I will be with you before and after the test no matter what”

“Taking the test will make our bond stronger”

“There is a life after the test”

“There is no reason not to take the test”

“I will support you on this test”


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