The Project


The objective of the Take The Test project is to promote awareness and spread education about HIV and AIDS, as well as to provide HIV testing to as many individuals as possible.



While the number of new HIV infections has dropped by 17% globally since 2001, the number of new cases for the same period in the Philippines has increased by 334%.

The HIV/AIDS Registry of the Department of Health confirms that HIV & AIDS cases have been on the rise. From January to December of 2009, a total of 835 new HIV cases were recorded, bringing the national total to 4,424 since the first documented case in 1984. In December 2009 alone, 126 new HIV cases were recorded.

In addition, new cases in 2009 within the age bracket from 15 to 24 years have more than doubled that of 2008.



But even when the statistics expose the risk, the Philippine society still reacts with indifference. There is an existing disconnection between the people and the problem, and to the average person, HIV and AIDS seems unreal. Despite its presence in the country for decades, it is still being treated like a taboo, an undisclosed subject matter.

The one thing that is strongly developing is stigma, fueling fear and apprehension. To some individuals who are already infected, it is a great concern to even inform relatives and friends about their condition, making it difficult for them to gain emotional support. It is shaking the very core of our society.

It is not that people are unaware or that information is not available, people just don’t care enough.

The present statistics is already alarming. Urgent intervention is necessary.

The best way to make the problem real to everyone is by putting it upfront. If we provide them the opportunity to decide, we also stimulate them to ask the questions, creating a window of opportunity for education to set in. We should not underestimate the public’s thinking capacity. We need to stir them by giving them that choice. We need to encourage them to TAKE THE TEST! It is everyone’s right and everyone’s responsibility.


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